VMWare View Linux Client & The Phantom Pixel

I took delivery of some new thin clients and 20 in monitors that I quickly hooked up to my VMWare View connection server, and noticed something strange, a dead pixel.  I went through all the troubleshooting of replacing cables, monitors, thin clients, and even changed view Desktops, the dead pixel was still there.  The funny thing was, after troubleshooting, I realized it wasn’t a hardware problem, the pixel was moving, I couldn’t believe I didn’t pick up on this before.  I phoned the hardware vendor, they couldn’t replicate the issue, of course, so I turned to VMWare, it’s a bug in their latest linux client.  Thankfully this phantom pixel is on the very top of the screen, almost off the screen, so by taking a black sharpie, I used a low-tech solution to fix a high tech problem.  Below is a short video of the phantom pixel that was driving a few of my users crazy.

[jwplayer mediaid=”42″]

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