Deploy and Configure the Derdack Enterprise Alert Mobile App for iOS through Air-Watch

Derdack Enterprise Alert is a software suite that provides insight into your enterprise operations allowing for super fast and effective incident response and resolution.

Air-Watch is a global leader for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) which allows for seamless integration across enterprise systems by delivering unified endpoint management, end-to-end security from devices to data centers.

As enterprise mobility standards are adopted, software developers have additional tools at their disposal to allow a more modular customization process for their product.  Through the use of a set of vendor supplied options, and a community that neutralizes the development playing field, enterprises can now leverage their existing EMM investments to improve the end user experience during mobility deployments.

Derdack has allowed their customers to customize a property on their iOS app to pre-configure a server URL, negating a need IT for provide it, and the end user to enter it.  This aids in reducing help desk calls for human input error, and streamlines the setup process.

The following steps will show you how to add the Derdack Enterprise Alert mobile app to your Air-Watch instance, and configure it with a DefaultServerURL configuration key:

  1. Login to your Air-Watch instance with a user who has rights to manage public applications.
  2. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > List View > Public> Add Application

  3. In the Add Application window, select Apple iOS as your Platform, Search App Store as your Source, enter Derdack into the Name field and click Next.

  4. Click Select to choose the Derdack Enterprise Alert app.

  5. In the Add Application window, select the Deployment tab.
    a.  Select Send Application Configuration.
      b.  Enter the following information:
    Configuration Key = DefaultServerURL
              Value Type = String
              Configuration Value = Your EA Server ie,
      c.  Click Save and Publish.

  6.  Install Derdack Enterprise Alert on your mobile device from your EMM, and launch the the App.

    The Connect To field will be pre-configured with the DefaultServerURL you specified in step 5, and if you have connectivity to your alert system, will be presented with a login screen.

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