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Creating Your Own Time Machine….Server

Dr. Who, Marty McFly, and Steve Jobs all had the same vision, Time Travel.  While a Tardis, a Delorean. and a Steam Engine seem like the most logical choice for this task, im going to show you that with a

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VMWare View Linux Client & The Phantom Pixel

I took delivery of some new thin clients and 20 in monitors that I quickly hooked up to my VMWare View connection server, and noticed something strange, a dead pixel.  I went through all the troubleshooting of replacing cables, monitors,

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How to access the Wi-fi Scanner in Mountain Lion

Over the years i’ve used many wifi stumber applications such as Kismac, iStumbler, and Meraki to gain a little more perspective on my surroundings; but no more.  Introduced in OS X Lion, the builti in Wifi Diagnostics tool has proved

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